Training            :  ICAgile Agility in Marketing ICP-MKG

Duur                    : 2 dagen

Investering         : 1.195 Euro (excl. BTW)

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This Agile Marketing training is designed to help marketers better manage complexity, uncertainties, and constant changes in the workplace by learning the Agile mindset and practical Agile ways of working techniques.

While marketing is one of the most exciting, dynamic, and progressive professions around, it is also at the frontline of constant market changes and shifting customer preferences and expectations.

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Modern marketers are tasked to deliver high-quality business outcomes by exploring new customer channels, create innovative products, and master new digital technologies. On top of that, continue to run and maintain existing marketing operations.

All these responsibilities and activities result in a complex setup. As a result, marketers are known to suffer from work-related stress, unhappiness, and corporate burnout

In this course, you will learn

  • The fundamentals of the Agile mindset and Agile ways of working
  • Why organizations, such as ING Bank, LEGO, and Microsoft, are undertaking global Agile transformation to be nimble and relevant in today’s competitive world
  • The benefits of co-creation methodologies, including Design Thinking and Story Mapping, for effective marketing campaigns and activities
  • Kanban to increase marketing productivity, optimize marketing workflows and manage multiple deadlines
  • Lean Thinking and Scrum to manage and deliver marketing projects on time and on budget
  • This 2-day training course will provide a balanced learning experience of both theoretical Agile knowledge and implementable Agile practices.
  • Participants will experience individual exercises and group learning activities.
  • Case studies and examples of practical Agile Marketing implementations in industries will be provided to reinforce Agile learning.
  • Marketing leaders, managers, and agile practitioners (e.g., Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters) who are looking to develop marketing agility within their organization or teams.
  • Marketing teams are looking for more transparent, productive, innovative, and effective ways of working.
  • Transformation leads, such as those exploring people and structural aspects of an Agile Marketing transformation
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ICAgile Accredited Course

This course is accredited by ICAgile, the largest accreditation and certification body for Agile education. ICAgile-accredited courses focus on delivering knowledge and skills that combine “being agile” with “doing agile.” Participants who successfully complete this course will be awarded the ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Marketing (ICP-MKG) certification.

  • Death of a Marketer – Andreya Fryrear
  • Hacking Marketing – Scott Brinker
  • Permission Marketing – Seth Godin
  • Guerilla Marketing – Jay Conrad Levinson
  • Reinventing Organizations – Frederic Laloux
  • Originals – Adam Grant
  • Knowledge for action – Chris Argyris
  • The Lean Startup – Eric Ries
  • XLR8 – John P. Kotter
  • Kanban – David Anderson
  • The Scrumban [R]Evolution – Ajay Reddy
  • User Story Mapping – Jeff Patton
  • Buurtzorg: Menselijkheid boven bureaucratie – Jos de Blok & Aart Pool
  • The AGE of Agile – Stephen Denning
  • Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh
  • Management 3.0 – Jurgen Appelo
  • Drive – Daniel H. Pink
  • The Scrum Guide – Ken Schwaber & Jeff Sutherland
  • SCRUM. The Art Of Doing Twice The Work In Half The Time – Jeff Sutherland
  • Scrum Marketing – James Wright
  • ADKAR – Jeffrey Hiatt
  • Lean Change Management – Jason Little